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Talaro, Kathleen Park.
Foundations in microbiology [Text] / K. P. Talaro, B. Chess. - 8th ed. - New York : McGraw-Hill Companies, 2012. - 828, 66 p. : il., tabl. - Index: p. I-1-23. - ISBN 978-0-07-337529-8
Перевод заглавия: Основы микробиологии


Foundations in microbiology is an allied health microbiology text for non-science majors with a taxonomic approach to the disease chapters. It offers an engaging and accessible writing style through the use of tools such as case studies and analogies to thoroughly explain difficult microbiology concepts. We are so excited to offer a robust learning program with student-focused learning activities, allowing the student to manage their learning while you easily manage their assessment. Detailed reports show how your assignments measure various learning objectives from the book (or input your own!), levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy or other categories, and how your students are doing. The Talaro Learning program will save you time while improving your students success in this course.

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Chess, Barry

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